Work Safety

Do you want your next Toolbox Meeting to have a lasting influence on your employees? or maybe you are looking for a work safety presenter to facilitate a new safety campaign in your workplace. Brad Ness can deliver workplace safety messages to all forms of work sites and businesses on all forms of Toolbox topics. All safety presentations are individually customised to the client, as no two workplaces are the same. Brad has had over 14 years of workplace safety presenting experience and has worked exclusively for WorkSafe in Victoria presenting the Accidental Hero’s campaign before he branched out on his own to create BRAVENESS.

Brad Ness presenting a Safety Seminar

Brad is a below knee amputee as the result of a work place accident that occurred when he was 18. This has not stopped him in achieving goals and aspirations over the years. He has developed a passion for motivating people of all ages to achieve their dreams.

Brad has a highly developed awareness of the importance of sound occupational health and safety practices in the workplace and how best to achieve these. He can present these concepts at various levels to meet the needs of the company and to motivate staff to achieve best practice in the workplace.

Brad speaks on:

  • Workplace safety
  • Changing Culture within an organisation
  • Motivation of staff
  • Inclusivity
  • Achieving your goals
  • Mentoring


Corporate Presentations

Are you seeking a new face to present at your next seminar or conference? Brad Ness can deliver an exciting, motivating and thoughtful presentation to meet the needs of your audience. His addresses can cover a wide range of needs from entertaining snapshots of the life of an elite athlete to cultural change and workplace safety. Brad is passionate about all that he does and he inspires and motivates those who are fortunate enough to hear him speak.

Brad Ness doing a Corporate Seminar


School Talks

Brad is an excellent motivational speaker for children of all ages. He can tailor his addresses to meet the needs of the school assembly, specific student groups and School Graduation speeches. Students relate to his enthusiasm and passion for life and his address can breathe new life into the school education program. His broad range of experience brings a cultural awareness to his talks and he makes any experience inclusive of all groups. He has worked in mentoring programs for children with low self esteem and with those who are disadvantaged. He brings a new meaning to life for people with disabilities and demonstrates to students and teachers the need for all people to develop life skills to make them resilient.

Brad Ness speaking at school